Things to help you feel beautiful while you're on
your journey back into your Little Black Dress
Sometimes when one is overweight, we tend to "let ourselves go."  It is as if there is this switch
that get turned off inside and we develop an "Why bother?" attitude.  When we look in the mirror
and see how we look, it seems hopeless.  We might think, "Why bother with a beautiful haircut"  
when it seems looking good to ourselves is a near-impossible task?  

We really need to get the best hairstyle, color and cut possible.  Take the time to put a little
makeup on, even if it is only mascara.  So what if everything you own is black because you know it
is more slimming than anything else?  Add some color through jewelry or scarves.  If you really feel
better wearing black, get the classiest outfits possible.

Before you give up on colorful clothing, though, one awesome designer who's slinky material is you
can dress through pictures posted on the site.   Also try - they are having a
huge sale.

Stop letting yourself go.  YOU are important.  YOU are worth taking care of.  

It does not matter how you got to where you are in life right now.  It doesn't matter how many
pounds you have to lose.  That outer shell - the overweight one - is subject to change.  The
problem is that you can lose all the pounds and your inner self will still feel fat and unworthy.  

By taking care of your inner beauty, you will be less likely to fall back into old habits and gain the
weight back.  Learning to love yourself again is not always easy but it is necessary.  One way is to
weight back.  Learning to love yourself again is not always easy but it is necessary.  One way is to
develop a personal relationship with God who can heal up all those broken places inside - but I
won't go into that here.  I will put articles on the Spiritual link.

You need to begin looking in the mirror and speaking to yourself, out loud.  Tell yourself, "You know
what? You are a great person. You are worth taking care of and from now on I am going to take care
of YOU."  Every morning before you brush your teeth, look yourself in the eye and say that.  Say,
"You are worthy of love and I love you.  I will take care of you."  Sure, you will feel silly at first but it
doesn't matter - it is important to change how you see yourself inside.

YOU are worth taking care of.  
You are worth being treated right - by YOU.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.