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Think you're too old
to look good?

Isabel De Los Rios,
Certified Nutritionist
This website works in conjunction with my Blog,  Its
focus is about my journey back into my little black dress.  My main focus is to offer
inspiration to those who desire a healthier lifestyle, feel the need to lose weight,
significant or otherwise, and links to those who are far better equipped to help
me on this journey!

I am a researcher and am constantly studying and researching what the industry
is saying about weight loss, supplements, eating healthy, chemicals and
processed foods, and lifestyle changes.

I've come to realize that everything in life relates to my Little Black Dress journey.  
Everything I do touches on how I deal with my weight loss journey to fit back into
my little black dresses.  For good or for bad, all things in life affect that journey,
from relationships with food and people to my surrounds and to how I perceive
myself in the mirror.

I tend to include recipes (not always über healthy), decorating on the less
expensive side, beauty products, tips and ideas, and stories about my sometimes
dreamy, sometimes warped fairy-tale life with Alpha Hubby.

Join me on the
Blog and check back here often to see what's changed and what's
new!  And feel free to send your ideas, tidbits, and information.  I will gladly share
(and give you link hookup and credit).
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